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Italy 2021-- On Our Way

A Bold Sacrifice for a Friend

Quite a while ago, my good friend, Jenny, shared the news that she had been invited to participate in a three-week artist's workshop in Italy. Her wife, Deedie, expressed an interest in tagging along. But, there was a problem. What would Deedie do while Jenny was working on her writing and galavanting with other artists (or whatever artists do during lengthy workshops)? Being the helpful and selfless person that I am, I volunteered myself to serve as travel companion.

And, a plan was hatched.

We will go to Rome together and spend several days there. And, then Jenny will go off to her workshop and Deedie and I will spend about a week on a walking tour in Umbria, set up by the good people at Country Walkers. After the walking tour, Deedie will go to the "Castle" to hang with Jenny and the artists, before returning home. And, I will spend an extra day in Assisi (where the walking tour ends) before heading back to Rome and then back to Maine.

So here I am at JFK, waiting for our flight to Rome, which takes off in about two and a half hours.

For those who are reading this and thinking about and/or planning your own trip to Italy in the near future, a few notes from our experience so far:

1. You must show your vaccination card (or negative Covid test) before you can check in to your flight. This means that, at least for Delta, one cannot "check in" online or on the app. You must show the card (or test result) to a person at the check-in desk.
2. You must complete and show your "EU Locator" form while checking into the flight that will take you to Italy. For us, we flew from Boston to JFK and had to show our vax cards while checking in. Even though each of us was given two boarding passes (one for Boston to JFK and the other JFK to Rome), we had to go through a "reticketing" process at JFK (and had to go through security again). At the Alitalia desk, we had to show the Locator Form, along with passport and vax card. I highly recommend filling out the Locator Form online. Once complete, they send an email with a QR code. Take a screenshot and keep it on your phone. It's one less piece of paper to keep track of. So far, they seem more interested in your ability to fill out the form than the information contained in the form.
3. Be VERY careful about your vax card. With all of the extra stuff that you need to show, the card can easily slide away. That happened to one of us. Luckily, it was quickly and easily found. But, it could have been a very ugly experience! Check and check again!

More once we actually get to Rome!


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